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Thank you to everyone that helps with the project, too the fans and family, thank you all so much; enjoy and thanks for the support.

Credits Photos: -Davey Morgan -Rickie Scalante -Felicia Marshall Editor-Brandon Leonard Music Video: Director -Jay Lamar “Girl You Got My Love” (Featuring-Brittany McElrath) "In Your Life" (Featuring- Brianna Booker) Music Video Director -Dorian Talley "I Got You" & "Gotta Get That" Writers -Pierre Hooten ("Take Me Down") -Carl Jay (Writer) -Dwayne Moore (Writer) -Prevo Rodgers Jr. (Writer) -Julie Clark Shubert (Writer)  Albums: Recorded at Sit-N-Spin Studios (Greenville, SC) -Producers Matt Morgan -Alex Vieira -Benjamin Sweeney -John Martin -Producer Simon Illa Recorded at Zac Studios (Atlanta, GA)  Special Thanks:  Harold Johnson -Mike Jones - Kenneth Gist -Hugh Holman  Graphic Designs: Action Printing, Inc. Spartanburg, SC