1. In Your Life

From the recording In Your Life

Big thank you to Simon Illa for producing this track, and to all the amazing people at Zac Studios (Atlanta, GA).Thank you too, Terrance White (Keys), Patrick Postlewait (Bass), and Hugh Holman.


“What’s Going On In Your Life”

V1) I sit and look through a photo album, I sadly think about yesterday, the last time that I held your face, I ponder over the moments we share, girl we would joke about anything,we sheltered each other through wind and rain.I often wonder how you are, or would you smile if I blew you a kiss, do you still have my gifts? I put your picture in a frame I place it on the mantle and think.

Pre-Chours) I sit and reminisce of all the things that we did, of all the night I held you tight so lost without you here.

V2) My need for you it want go away, I’m thinking about you both night and day,
this relationship I evaluate. I sometimes visit our favorite place, thinking of words I want to say, losing you is so hard to explain. And I can’t get over you, have you found, somebody new, said our love we shall renew. Deep inside I know you miss me to.

C) What’s going on in your life? Please tell me baby, what’s going on in your life?
What’s going on in your life?

Bridge) Let me build a bridge between your ears then I come across your mind;
come running back to me and we pick up what was left behind. You’re the core of my life, how I wish I could turn back time.
There’s a vision of you fading, and walking right out of my life. And oh owee baby, you know how much I love you,
and I’ll place no one above you, cause girl, I’ll always love you. And oh owe daring, you know how much I need you,
and I’ll place no one above you, and girl I’ll always love you.