1. I Got You

From the recording I Got You

This song is inspired by my nine year old cousin Kegan; she helped me to realize that some of the most important things in life are the simplest family and friends. Big thank you to Matt Morgan for producing this track, and to all the amazing people at Sit-N-Spin Studios (Greenville, SC)


“I Got You”
V1) If I don’t see tomorrow I am not worried anyways, cause tomorrow not promised no, not promised to us anyways. If I don’t have a mansion, out on the beach in the Hamptons, God has blessed me with someone material things can’t replace.

Chorus) I got you (4*)
V2) As I look over our life, and see how far we came, all those so called friends, no didn’t mean us anything. When I look in those brown eyes I see what love really means, and how grateful I am to have you be apart of me, hay

Chorus) I got you (4*)
Tag) I got you…..I got you