1. Look Good

Big thank you to Simon Illa and Patrick Postlewait (Guitar) for producing this track, and to all the amazing people at Zac Studios (Atlanta, GA).


"You Look Good"

V1) I hop out my car yah feeling tight, button down white Jays Yah I'm feeling right pulled up to the spot with my homie tonight, yall I'm about to kill the stage tonight.
To the party people out there in the club, yall too turned up they want to turn you down, to the pretty ladies out there in the crowd follow me back stage where it's going down.

C) Yah you look Good (Put your hands in the air) (6x)

V2) Now you're in the cut and you're feeling the bass, hands to the ceiling all over the place. They are pouring up more, and I'm rocking the ice, yah I look good and my flow is nice. Shout out to my homie P in the club, celebrate this moment put your glasses up, drop $7,000 at the bar tonight, from the stage, VIP, it isn't over right.

C) Yah you look Good (Put your hands in the air) (6x)